In metro Cairo explosion, tourists have not suffered

In metro Cairo explosion, tourists have not suffered
Two grenades exploded in the underground Cairo on Thursday. According to preliminary data, there were 16 victims, and directly due to the explosion injured four people, 12 of them received minor injuries as a result of panic and stampede.
According to witnesses, explosive devices worked in the second car of the train, when he was at the station “El Marge”. Immediately after the explosion, among the passengers began to panic. The work of the metro line, on which the explosion occurred, was suspended. According to local journalists at the moment detachments of sappers combing the railroad tracks in the subway, stations and cars of subway trains.
In metro Cairo explosion, tourists have not suffered
Tourists among the victims at the moment is not detected. At the Russian Embassy also reported that information about the Russians, who could be in the Cairo metro in the moment of the explosion has not yet been reported. In tourism note that the probability of finding in the Cairo underground Russian tourists is extremely small. “Still valid recommendation Russian tour operators not to organize guided tours in major cities in Egypt,” said the press Secretary of the Federal tourism Agency Irina Segalove. What excursions to Cairo is not running, confirm and representatives of the local host companies.

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Jingle bells: Europe meets Christmas in classic style

Europe meets Christmas in classic style
From Patriarchal Germany and Austria to Prague with a focus on the canons of the Jewish tradition. These are this year’s Christmas routes in Europe with emphasis on the classics, historical and cultural. Not to be unfounded, for a start, go in the French Chateau Damboise that in the Loire valley, where tourists once again talk about the origin of the tradition of these Holy days. Passing through the halls of the castle, you can admire the scenes, telling about the birth of baby Jesus. Picture courtesy of the state Museum “San Martin” (Naples). For children from 8 to 12 years will be organized workshop where their hands will be able to make themed decorations.

At the same time in Frankfurt will work the oldest Christmas markets, the history of which dates back to 1393. Already on November 26, there will be 200 booths, each of which will demonstrate crafts, Christmas decorations and local cuisine. And directly opposite the town hall will install a 30-foot spruce, which is unthinkable without the Christmas celebration.

Not less than generous with the surprises will be the capital of the Czech Republic Prague, inviting everyone to the celebration of the Jews, Hanukkah, or holiday candles. The selected site is extremely symbolic – the former Jewish ghetto.

Those who in these days would be in London, will be allowed to plunge into the atmosphere dickensesque England. And thanks to all the Christmas songs, wonderfully complementing the atmosphere that will prevail in Trafalgar square, lush choral voice around the giant spruce.
Europe meets Christmas in classic style
Ready for Christmas and Austrian Vienna and Salzburg, famous for its sales and bazaars, which only in the Austrian capital will be nine. On lake Velden us Vaeter – another center Christmas vacation, tourists can admire the spruce in toys from Swarovski.

Known for its bazaars and cathedrals Austrian Burgenland decorate them on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas lights and music pictures. In the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, without exception, all the village Hall Wattens invite guests to the bazaars, and the kids ride in carts and ponies.

Far to the North, in Finland, waiting for tourists to visit Santa Claus. For the occasion, everyone will go to the village of Rovaniemi.

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