Online booking or travel Agency?

Online booking or travel Agency
With the end of summer is changing the balance of power in the tourist market of Italy. In particular, it is the change of priorities in the online and offline booking. That the situation is stable trend, evidenced by several factors. Let’s start with some background. In recent years, the world system of booking tours has undergone significant changes. Travel agencies are losing ground, giving way to Internet portals, emerging like mushrooms after the rain, around the world. The over-saturation in the market of online booking allows you to live and to live comfortably and online companies, and those who subscribe to the application that is called, “quill pen”. Clients lack neither those, nor others.
In other words, the market was defined in the preferences. Online customers have made their choice. Travel agencies remained his faithful customers.
The trend first started representatives of the school of management of the Polytechnic University of Milan, speaking in Rimini within TTG Incontri. The staff of the laboratory of digital innovation in tourism noted that almost half of the Italian travel agencies focused on stable sales in the coming year. Another 27% predict their growth. Additional information presented to the Milan Polytechnic, modeled after statistics Netcomm, according to which online booking losing ground.
Online booking or travel Agency
Among the participants TTG Incontri were seen several low-cost airlines, which by the mouth of their representatives were advised to work exclusively in offline mode, which guarantees the successful promotion of any project. According to the head of “Amadeus” Francesca of Benati, “there is no such tour operator with its advanced website, which on the shoulder to compete with local travel agencies in promoting their services.” The Internet, of course, not going anywhere, but travel agencies, it is clearly not in the teeth.

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