Online booking or travel Agency?

Online booking or travel Agency
With the end of summer is changing the balance of power in the tourist market of Italy. In particular, it is the change of priorities in the online and offline booking. That the situation is stable trend, evidenced by several factors. Let’s start with some background. In recent years, the world system of booking tours has undergone significant changes. Travel agencies are losing ground, giving way to Internet portals, emerging like mushrooms after the rain, around the world. The over-saturation in the market of online booking allows you to live and to live comfortably and online companies, and those who subscribe to the application that is called, “quill pen”. Clients lack neither those, nor others.
In other words, the market was defined in the preferences. Online customers have made their choice. Travel agencies remained his faithful customers.
The trend first started representatives of the school of management of the Polytechnic University of Milan, speaking in Rimini within TTG Incontri. The staff of the laboratory of digital innovation in tourism noted that almost half of the Italian travel agencies focused on stable sales in the coming year. Another 27% predict their growth. Additional information presented to the Milan Polytechnic, modeled after statistics Netcomm, according to which online booking losing ground.
Online booking or travel Agency
Among the participants TTG Incontri were seen several low-cost airlines, which by the mouth of their representatives were advised to work exclusively in offline mode, which guarantees the successful promotion of any project. According to the head of “Amadeus” Francesca of Benati, “there is no such tour operator with its advanced website, which on the shoulder to compete with local travel agencies in promoting their services.” The Internet, of course, not going anywhere, but travel agencies, it is clearly not in the teeth.

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Christmas in Sweden: fair, entertainment and Day Saint Lucia

Christmas in Sweden
During Christmas and New year Sweden is like a picture from a Christmas card: towns and villages-flashing colored lights, and all around – streets, houses and trees are wrapped in white cover. But to come this winter in Sweden is not only to see such fantastic beauty, nottobe “catch” a festive mood, visiting the famous Swedish Christmas markets. The largest and most interesting fairs are located in major cities, including Stockholm,Gothenburg and malmö. At the fairs, you will find designer handmade gifts and Christmas decorations, socratically apicomplexa (mulled wine with spices, into which, unlike mulled wine, add nuts, dried fruits and spirits), as well as traditional Swedish Christmas delicacies, smoked sausages, venison and bread rolls.
In Stockholm large fair will be located at Stortorget square (Stortorget) and in the open air Museum Skansen Museum (Skansen). Christmas market at Stortorget is the most famous Christmas market with a long tradition, originating in the sixteenth century and located in the town square the Old town. Guests will be offered Handicrafts made of wood, metal, leather, textiles and ceramics, Christmas decorations, toys, as well as local specialities: product of marzipan, honey, cheeses, spices, bread,smoked sausage, Olenina much more. The fair will be open daily from eleven in the morning until six in the evening during the month: from 22 November to 23 December.
Christmas market at Skansen creates a sense of celebration and stories. This year the fair will be presented mnogochislenost and sweets, marmalades, Swedish and the Norwegians’. Here you will find toys and other goods, which will be a great gift for the New year or Christmas, and to feel the spirit of past Christmas traditions to the sounds of beautiful music. In addition, the fair offers entertainment for every taste: lovers of quiet rest will be able to attend the concert in arquitecture, and the more active guests will be able to create Christmas gifts with their hands in the Studio or dance around the Christmas trees. The fair is open from 30 November to 1 December, and takze – 8, 14 – 15 21 – Becerra from 10:00 to 16:00. Visit Skansen, full holiday mood, and in the week when the fair is held, but all the shops are open and demonstrations Christmas customs: weekdays from 2 December to 6 January, 2014, from 10:00 to 15:00.
Christmas in Sweden
In Gothenburg, West Sweden, the Christmas lights will be lit across the city centre, starting from the harbour Lillebonne (LillaBommen) to the famous amusement Park “Park” (Liseberg)on the territory of which will be the largest Christmas market in all of Sweden. In anticipation of the holidays, the Park is divided into several zones, so that guests will be able to travel in time and space to the sounds of traditional music of the Swedish sámi people, who live in the North of the country. Street “Park” will be decorated with garlands and filled with a festive atmosphere, and the Christmas Bazaar will be located around the magnificent spruce. Air, meanwhile, will be filled with the aroma of freshly cooked caramelized apples, hot chocolate and mulled wine, as well as singing traditional Christmas songs. In addition, in different parts of Gothenburg you will find a small and cozy Christmas markets, which will not leave you indifferent. For example, the Christmas markets will be located in the oldest building of Gothenburg Kronhuset (kronhuset which), in which previously nahodyaschiysya the Arsenal on the streets in the Haga district, as well as in the art-centre “Red stone” (RödaSten), where you can find unique designer products. Most Christmas markets are open in the month of December.
In the city of malmö, in southern Sweden, also opens several Christmas fairs. The Central Bazaar will be located between the Stortorget square (Stortorget) and the shopping center “Triangeln” (Triangeln) and will be open daily from 12 December. Main events will be held on Gustav Adolf’s square, where you can visit a guest Santa Claus and even make Christmas toys with his own hands.
In addition, in anticipation of the New year in Sweden will celebrate a traditional Swedish holiday – the Day of St. Lucia. Celebrations are held annually on 13 December, which this year falls on a Saturday, because according to the old calendar, the longest night of the year in Sweden had it on that date.Although the modern calendar, the winter solstice occurs 21 – Becerra, the idea that the night of the day of Saint Lucia – Sanatana and longest night of the year, always alive. The holiday is called by the name of Catholic Holy Martyr Lucia, whose name comes from the Latin word “light”. The day of St. Lucia is celebrated by the Church singing and enchanting festive processions. The participants of the procession March in the drop-down Belosnezhka, holding lighted candles, and sing traditional songs. To witness this magical procession can almost all parts of Sweden. For example, in Stockholm this procession will be held in the Museum under the open nebraskensis, where visitors will also learn about the traditions of this holiday, and there will also be musical procession of pupils of musical schools of Stockholm (in the Church Segura) and a big concert on the outdoor stage (Solliden). In Gothenburg in honor of the Holy Lovepascal holiday concerts on December 12 (19:00) and 13 December at 17:00 and 19:00)in the Church of Vasa. And in the city of malmö the celebration of Saint Lucia will take place, for example, in an urban National Park (MalmöFolketsPark) on 13 December, where guests of all ages can find something fun to taste.

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